Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Downloading, Installing and running Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA)

RDA can be downloaded as a bundle with Oracle Configuration manager or as a stand alone package from metalink at note id 314422.1.

- Download the zip/tar files from the note and change the name to '' or 'rda.tar' depending on what format you download.

- Choose or create a directory that is owned by the OS user who is also the owner of the Oracle installation.

- Copy the rda zip/tar file to the above directory and extract its contents there using one of the following commands depending on the format of the RDA download.

tar xvf rda.tar (or)
gunzip rda.tar.gz (or)
tar xvf rda.tar (or)

- Make sure the and scripts have execute permissions. If they lack it, issue the following command

chmod +x
chmod +x

- Test if the rda scripts can be executed

for unix/linux - sh -cv
for windows - rda.cmd -cv

these commands should not return any issues

- To run RDA, log in as the user who owns the Oracle installation and execute the following script

for Linux/Unix machines - Use this command if Perl is not available. - Use this command if Perl is available.

For windows,

rda.cmd Use this command if Perl is not available. Use this command if Perl is available in the path.

- To check availability of PERL, use the following command.

perl -v

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